For Government Agencies and Large Corporations

With customers, employees, suppliers and business partners across the globe, large organizations must be able to do business in many languages. DC Language Center helps corporations succeed in this diverse marketplace by offering a wide range of language learning solutions and translation services.  We have extensive experience in serving corporations and government institutions in various parts of the world, and we’ve successfully trained military as well as civilian employees.

Language Learning Solutions

Developing language skills is important to an employee’s professional development in a large enterprise. That is why we offer a wide range of advanced language training, assessment and testing services to meet the requirements of a global business. Choose from:


  • Onsite face-to-face language learning (individual and group) - the traditional way: Our instructors train your staff onsite – individually or in groups of similar proficiency.

  • Online language instruction (individual or group) - the digital way: Your employees take online lessons at their convenience - right from their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone in our virtual classroom using videoconferencing.

  • Online Programs  

  • Online Courses

  • Immersion Programs In USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Argentina. 

  • Self-study online courses - the self-sufficient way : Our signature self-study online course turns your staff into language experts.

  • Testing - our certified testers can assess the language skills of you and your staff.

Certified Translation Services

Need a high-quality translation fast? Then we have the solution for you! Our native-speaking experts take care of your translation needs. We offer a worry-free, highly customized service designed for high quality of work and a fast turnaround. We offer a variety of engagement options at competitive rates.

923110 - Education program administration

923110 - Education statistics centers, government

923110 - State education departments

611710 -  Educational consultants

611710 -  Educational curriculum development services

611710  - Educational guidance counseling services

611710  - Educational testing evaluation services

611710  - Educational testing services

423490 - School equipment and supplies (except books,                    furniture) merchant wholesalers

541720- Language research and development services


519130 - Internet search portals

519130 - Internet search Web sites

541511  - Postcard publishers, exclusively on Internet

541511  - Poster publishers, exclusively on Internet

519130 - Search portals, Internet

541511  - Web (i.e., Internet) page design services, custom

518210 - Web hosting

611710 -  Student exchange programs

611710  - Study abroad programs

519130 - Web search portals

611710  - Test development and evaluation services,                              educational

611710  - Testing services, educational

611430 - Continuing education seminars or conferences

611430 - Management development training

611430 - Professional development training

611430 - Quality assurance training

541512 - CAD (computer-aided design) systems

                  integration design services

541511  - Web (i.e., Internet) page design services, custom

541310 - Architectural (except landscape) design services

519130 - Social networking sites, Internet

519130 - Web communities



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